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  • Jan
    Research Results

    Bring 4.4 new medical devices in the application process challenge.Due to the particularity of medical equipment, from its design, production, into clinical trials, into the market, there is a certain risk.

  • Jan
    Medical raw materials ago since in industrial materials

    As is known to all, medical raw materials ago since in industrial materials, happen to coincide with biocompatible, radioactive, microbial pollution, chemical residues and degradation of practical problems.

  • Jan

    Qiu Renzong said: "the treatment, the doctor has proved to be an effective way to treat patients, the patient is the beneficiary. Or be cured, or the symptom relief. Drug clinical trials, the results are uncertain. The new drug must enter the clinical trial stage after the animal test.

  • Jan
    Challenges in the process of new drug application

    Many new drugs chronic adverse reaction after the listing only gradually revealed, the clinical data of need in clinical use after the listing, or after the listing of clinical trials, so directly relates to the phase IV clinical trials.

  • Jan
    By Stages

    People's endless pursuit of health has stimulated the continuous innovation and development of drug developers for different therapeutic drugs. In the experimental medical behavior, the most common test is the project of new drugs.


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